The Land – what are we looking for?

The Land – what are we looking for?

Holding the Big Vision

  • The Land to Hold twenty to forty Family Units, and room to grow, with private homesteads, shared accommodations, and communal spaces.


  • Mountains, springs, rivers, dams, forests, good soil, agricultural areas, wilderness spaces. Abundance of natural resources to be managed and used for natural building. Areas that need our care and rehabilitation. Bordering national forest and wilderness spaces


  • Not too far from an Urban Centre like Cape Town, or on one of the tourist routes like the N2, for easy flow of family, tourists, and energy into our land based projects.


  • Easy access to the land, not having to pass through other farms. The land feels safe and secure


  • A land that wants to work and play with us. A Land that we are custodians of and cares for us. Feels like home.


Projected Figures  

  • This Vision needs at least 200 hectares to begin with, although much depending on lay of the land.


  • Projected cost of land: R6 – 15 million in Western Cape


  • Projected cost of Once Off Sustainable Infrastructure: +- R5m

(this greatly depends on what is desired)


  • Ongoing development of Sustainable Infrastructure: ?


  • Running Costs on Land: rates. maintenance: ?


  • Employment of Members to manage Land and Village: ?


  • Employment of outside legal resources if needed: ?


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