What is an ecovillage- and why?

What is an ecovillage- and why?

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An Ecovillage is a community of people who consciously live and journey together. It has the added dimension of an ‘Intentional Community’, to consciously – and deeply – live and journey with the land and area that homes the Ecovillage, in a way that restores and brings harmony to our relationship with the Earth and all life.

Ecovillages address the ecological, economic, political, social, relationship, and spiritual questions of our time.

Ecovillages provide supportive and nourishing environments to grow strong, resilient, and empowered individuals, families, and communities, ready to take responsibility for all our basic needs, and those of all life on this planet.

The Ecovillage community is open to any one of any cultural or economic background, who is able to share the collective vision of the community, and bring their gifts and their hearts to see its vision flourish and thrive.

The Ecovillage creates interdependent relationships with their surrounding communities, and other ecovillages across South Africa and the world. The Ecovillage creates a sustainable and inspiring way of life – taking pressure off our urban environments – and can be recreated anywhere.