Rusty Gate proposal in detail

Rusty Gate proposal in detail

by Rein Buyze

Concept – March/April 2018

I personally believe that this farm is an excellent opportunity to be developed as an Eco village-learning hub.  It could be a real demonstration of many of the aspects that we could implement and train up people interested in developing other Eco villages as well as being a home for many to live and experience this way of living.  I see in particular the potential to build an off grid Centre for Alternative Technology with permaculture design as well as a place to hold social development workshops that support living in a more altruistic way.


Existing infrastructure

There is a solid existing infrastructure with a large barn space as well as 5 cottages and another house on the property.  This means we could immediately move to the land with certain living arrangements and be able to develop temporary camps and earth ship style homes on the land.  Please see the attached Feedback document for more information and visit the Rusty Gate website for a fuller picture.


Why choose this place?

I believe that due to its proximity to Cape Town this can become a hub where many of us that can generate incomes from the concepts and tools that develop deeper cohesion with an alternative and progressive way of living can start this project and make it a successful, thriving venture.


What next?

If you are interested then we have a more detailed report on Rusty Gate we can send you. We will then meet at Rusty Gate over the nights of 9th and 10th of April to explore and discuss further.  Contact Rein at for all these details, and how to go about booking for the meeting.