Event: Thriving Relationships in Community

Event: Thriving Relationships in Community

Thriving Relationships in Community (Event)
Friday 28th – Sunday 30th October
Having solid, intimate relationships form the foundation of a successful, loving community and community that can hold these partners in love is essential in building solid, thriving, intimate relationships.
Knowing how to communicate your truth in a clear way that lands is essential in all relationships in a community and yet heart-centred communication and relating is not something we’ve been modelled or taught.
Conscious relationships are one of the most powerful vehicles of personal spiritual growth and can also be the most challenging. Often you have come together not only for personal healing, but familial, community and collective and can get stuck in thinking that you are supposed to do this alone and if you can’t, you’re failing. In the amplified field of circle/community, a constellation is formed where we experience ourselves as parts of a whole and each individual or couple sharing their truth contribute to one another’s healing, growth and joy without having to do it all on our own.
Although this weekend is focused on intimate relationships, the skills learned are applicable to all meaningful relationships in your life. These skills are absolutely essential when living in community.
Join us this weekend in an exploration of heart centered connection and communication where you will learn and embody key skills and practices of owning and expressing your truth – igniting the intimacy, love and connection that you are seeking from your partner(s) by being held in loving community.
This weekend is filled with interactive exercises, embodiment processes and intimacy building practices designed to create more safety and joy in your relationship, dropping you deeper into Love and Truth.

Transform your relationship with heart intelligent communication and embodiment practices that dramatically deepen your emotional, energetic and physical intimacy.

Have you experienced the following in relationships:

* They start with incredible potential and it is really difficult to continue to deepen the connection and the intimacy over time?
* You have a desire to be met and felt more deeply by your partne?
* You have a feeling like there is more potential for joy intimacy and connection in the relationship and you just don’t quite know how to tap into this?

You are not alone, most relationships have more potential to be explored, more connection to be found and more intimacy to be had. Most of us growing up were not given healthy role models of relationship and relating. If you have children you have the chance to build a new type of loving intimate relationship that can provide your children with a totally new role model to build their relationships on and change the patterns that have passed through generations.

If you’re anything like us, you’re not ok to have just an OK relationship and get by, you want to experience the deep love and connection that comes from authentic heart-centred relating.

Over this weekend, you will get to explore previously unknown ranges of your relationship. Whether you’re wanting to shift dynamics, reset your relationship, or simply take your relationship to the next level, you will explore new ways of relating that allow you to more freely express your truth and create deeper intimacy and connection within yourself and with your partner.

The group environment is enormously supportive in creating a greater sense of safety for you to explore your partnership. You’ll be witnessed in a loving community of others who can understand your trials, and through sharing theirs you’ll gain deeper insights and realise you’re not alone in this.

This weekend is filled with interactive exercises, embodiment processes, and intimacy building practices designed to create more safety and joy in your relationship, dropping you deeper into Love and Truth.
These skills will allow you to transform your relating, deepening your emotional, energetic and physical intimacy. These are the keys for creating juicy lasting intimate relationships that deepen and grow in energy, excitement and connection over time. As you practice these skills you will learn to trust each other more deeply as your defences come down and you learn to open your hearts more to each other.

Note: Although this event focuses on intimate partnerships it is also suitable for those who are wanting to end their relationships in a conscious, loving way and anyone who is wanting to prepare for their next relationship and has a ‘practice’ partner.

Friday 28th October
6:30pm – 9:30pm
Includes vegetarian dinner

Saturday 29th October
9am – 9pm
Includes vegetarian lunch and dinner

Sunday 30th October
9am – 5pm
Includes vegetarian lunch

Cost: R3 800 per couple (part talent payment welcome)

To ensure your space, please make payment of 50% deposit to:

T Russell
Cheque account
Branch Code: 632005
Reference: Your full name

And email confirmation and proof of payment to tracy@tracyrussell.co.za


Tracy Russell
082 827 8477

Brett Powell
082 922 1749

“Thank you so much for creating the space where I can express what is alive inside me and helping me discover what that is. I feel more connected with myself and my needs, and now feel more safe to connect with those close to me – it’s hard to put into words how much appreciation I have.” ~ Janto

“So much gratitude to the embodied loving knowledge you are, Tracy” ~ Mascha

We’ve both studied numerous coaching and healing modalities over the past 15 years and have found this Heart IQ modality to be the most powerful and integrated form of personal transformation we’ve experienced.
As a couple facilitating together, we bring our own experience of relationship (the good, the bad, the ugly and the ecstasy!) as well as the gifts of both masculine and feminine perspectives and holding.
We are perfectly designed to trigger each other’s conditioning, programming, wounding in order to heal and come into our fullest potential and freedom while deepening our love and connection. This hasn’t been an easy journey, having no model of healthy, loving conscious relating to look up to, so when we discovered the Relationship Mastery tools of the Heart IQ modality it literally saved us from drowning in our own mirror and helped reset and take our relationship to a whole new level. We still have challenges but we’re able to navigate through with way more grace and efficiency, while connecting on levels we only imagined possible before.
Trained through the Heart IQ Academy in Holland we’re inspired to share our combined embodied skills of group circle facilitation and Relationship Mastery to guide other couples into their fuller potential.
Our vision is to build a community of those wanting to connect and support each other in creating conscious, loving relationships.

“I see a world where the power of heart centred community creates an amplification of Love holding the space to come to wholeness and reach our fullest potential individually and collectively.” ~ Tracy Russell

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1264329726956820/

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