Awakening to Collaboration, by Justin M.

Awakening to Collaboration, by Justin M.

Awakening to Collaboration

There is logistical evidence showing that for us to survive as a species, with an intact ecological environment, we will need to collaborate both with each other and our planet. We are wanting harmony.

This requires a reflection on many of our common beliefs informing our behaviours; unbinding ourselves from beliefs that hinder our survival, and defining a perspective that ushers in practices of collaboration.

Fortunately, there is a deep (pre-cognition) inner awakening that draws us forward; like a thirst, it urges us to abandon many of the “rules” of caution, and to give ourselves to practices of inter-dependence and co-construction.

The model of living imagined in the vision of EcoVillage strums a chord in our hearts and minds, and offers many examples of how to live more congruently:

  • a more gentle impact on the earth environment
    • using more natural materials and products
  • sharing the load of our daily responsibilities
    • doing more tasks together with others
  • participating in more of the processes of our lives
    • buying-in to, and owning, the vision and implementation of what we do want to live

Before we moved to Cape Town in August of 2010, Angela and I met with a group of interested people in Jo’s flat in Gardens, Cape Town, to discuss our common vision of living in EcoVillage. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in 2009.

Since then Daniel and I (with others) have coordinated and participated in gatherings, discussions, workshops and camp-outs all with the intention of developing designs, for EcoVillage living, and facilitating the people processes to get us there.

The process-cycle has mirrored a season-cycle; the rise of focus, activity and design, then a retreating time for integration and reflection. Repeating the cycles over the past 6 years has offered much opportunity for awareness of ourselves and our engaging within a network, as well as the development of emergent models.

The rub, really, is in hearing how to manifest money as we move into our chosen lifestyle…while we still need it.