A History of Ecovillage Collective, by David D.

A History of Ecovillage Collective, by David D.



September 2013: Daniel and I meet at Berg-en-dal permaculture course, Ladismith Klein Karoo, and work together on the same design team – Social and Economic Permaculure.

Socio-Economic Permaculture Design Team

November 2013: The Permaculture Festival: Daniel invites participants at the festival to a mailing list that he has set up.

December 2013 – March 2014: A group of people start regularly meeting, eventually settling on a temporary name of Ecovillage Creation, sometimes adding Western Cape for the name of the province that the meetings regularly happened in.



March 2014: A ‘Core Team’ of six is established for the first time, a group of people with a mandate to take leadership of the group’s visioning process.

June 2014: Facilitated Democracy Meeting – we are trained in methods of democracy and visioning, and have our first main visioning workshop in which we come to terms with what we really want.

Justin Friedman facilitates a democracy workshop
Justin Friedman facilitates a democracy workshop

July 2014: Greyton Road Trip – The core team camps out at Blue Hippo and brings together a vision document – the first version!




2015: We collaborate with Sacred Earth Association on land search trips, share ideas, and use a land search criteria to create land profiles. We share overheads for hosting workshops.

May 2015: I do a presentation at Tyisa Nabanye, Erf 81: Connecting People and Land, for an audience of 50, in collaboration with Sacred Earth.

December 2015: We host an Ecovillage Gathering at Culpepers, Hout Bay, in which we gather vegetables, make food, and present the outline of why and how we plan to start an ecovillage in South Africa.

New Years’ 2015/6: Learning Man Festival: Daniel hosts numerous talks about our next steps and getting the word out about what we are doing.



January 2016: Communty Formation Meeting, Constatia Waldorf School: To an audience of 46, we present what we’ve learned so far and add new members to our now much larger collective!

Community Meeting, Constantia Waldorf School

This has thus far been the most expansive and positive workshop I’ve participated in. We sat in a very large circle in the Constantia Waldorf hall, and energy flew around the bright room. I send out an Information Pack of collected archives to help new members understand what we had learned, to 97 people. Mailing lists are re-consolidated as there are by this point three different lists.

February -May 2016: I travel to the Findhorn Foundation community in northern Scotland to do research on ecovillages and community. I study two courses at Findhorn, “Applied Ecovillage Living” and “Living in Community, Guest“, to get two different perspectives on the idea (see my blog posts about these in the links.)

In the interim, a Constitution is worked out by Nic, and two bank accounts are registered for Ecovillage Collective. Justin M is the primary administrator of the accounts.

July 2016: Betty’s Bay Weekend Workshop: Models of financial contribution are devised and discussed.

September-October 2016: Task teams are formed from newly available people.

October 2016: This web site, ecovillagecollective.org is launched.


To be continued…