All information on this site is a work in progress, and is not meant to represent our ‘final word’ on the subject. 

In the spirit of collaboration, we encourage you, the community, to help shape our processes and meet our collective goals.

Our Vision

We live in harmony with our self, each other and the land, as we celebrate our shared creation of a healthy, honest and alive Eco Village. We live attuned to the rhythms of the Earth, honouring our individual and collective journeys, and the spirit that moves in all things.


How we do this 

  • We live as equals on shared land, creating economic independence and resilience, while using appropriate technology consciously.
  • We use natural and organic systems to meet our needs for water, food, shelter and energy, reducing our impact on the Earth while creating life-giving abundance.
  • We educate ourselves and our children in wholesome, holistic and creative ways, connecting us to our daily experience, both now and for the future.
  • We live with integrity, respect and empathy, as we communicate and journey together, with each person in the community taking responsibility for our decision making processes.
  • We are supportive of the individual’s unique expression and life purpose, as we find the meeting ground for us all to live together in.

Where young and old move freely through the land and the cosmos, picking fruit from the trees as we go, embracing the cycles and flow of life, allowing love to overcome fear as we move deeper into wisdom and connection


We are part of creating a network of eco-villages and communities across Southern Africa. In this way we help address the shifts that are needed to create a beautiful and thriving life for all on this planet.